Marriages A-C


In the 1840's when the first Italians arrived in Sheffield, they appeared to integrate in to the english way of life much quicker. Records show that the unmarried early settlers married english partners. This was probably due to living in a prodomenently english community, they had to adapt.
There was a limited choice of italian single people of marrying age therefore they met fell in love and married into english families. I am not sure how this would have been viewed by the local people, one would presume that the foriegn nationals were somewhat of a novelty at first, therefore there wasn't such a stigma attached to marrying an imigrant. As time went on this would change.
  Over the next few years the italian population in Sheffield grew due to high emigration levels and so was formed the community in the West Bar area that became known as "Little Italy".
As the communty grew so did the options, there rapidly became more single available italians that had either arrived with their families or by the padrone system thus paving the way for more appropriate marriages. The more italians there were the easier it was to find someone from the same ethnic background and religous beliefs.
Towards the end of the 1800's the local people started to look down on the italians, they became less of a novelty and more of an alien community. Their work took them to the streets amongst the english people but were not looked on favourably. Returning to their own "Little Italy" must have been a welcome haven.
Over the years there were many marriages between families and even between families in surrounding communities eg Manchester & Huddesfield.
Anyone who has tried to trace their family history will tell you that it becomes increasingly difficult to seperate one family from another due to all inter marriages.
With notes taken from records I have tried to list details of marriages, this may give some insite in to how everyone is connected.
Some of the marriages listed do not have dates this is due to the fact that some had already married in Italy, and others I have just not found records for.

Man Woman Date of Marriage Son Of Daughter Of
Vincenzo Arcado Emilia Scaramuzza 25th April 1901
Luigi Anginotti Mary Brisolore Antonio Brislore
Angelo Anginotti Gertrude Heritage 24th December 1938 Luigi Anginotti
Luigi Anginotti Maria Spinetto 19th November 1904 Augustine Anginotti Antonio Spinetto
John Bricketto Francesca Casagrande 30th November 1857 Stephen Bricketto
Dominco Buffalaro Linda Sturla 14th February 1912 Joseph Buffalaro Giovanni Sturla
Dominco Buffalaro Rebecca Harrison 1923 Joseph Buffalaro
Nicholas Buccieri Winefred Rawlings 26th August 1940 Pasquale Buccieri
Enrigo Buccieri Pepina Marochi 1920 Carlo Buccieri Guiseppe Marochi
Eric Buccieri Lillian Frew 31st March 1945 Enrico Buccieri
Ernest Buccieri Ethel Marple 10th December 1940 Rafael Buccieri John Marple
Carlo Buccieri Maria D Franchetti
Rafael Buccieri Ellen Cahill 1904
Alexandro Buccieri M Palfryman 9th April 1928 Rafael Buccieri William Palfryman
Andrew Buccieri Maria Wostenholme 13th October 1933 Carlo Buccieri William Wostenholme
John Buccieri Lucy Spina 1917 Dominico Spina
Peter Buccieri Susanne Webb 1965 Alexandro Buccieri Leonard Webb
Pasquale Buccieri Gertrude Campeleno
Pasquale Buccieri Philamina Mussone
Ludovico Buccieri Florentina Turner 2nd November 1929 Pasquale Buccieri
Angelo Bonaiti Antonia Fantozzi 24th Jan 1901 Antonio Bonaiti Francisco Fantozzi
Carlo A Bennett Julia F Buccieri 5th September 1959 Alexandro Buccieri
William Broughton Florence Quagliozzi 1920
Cyril Biggin Teresa Raffo 26th December 1934 Ezra Biggin Angelo Raffo
Samuel Bond Michelina P Pizutti 1st October 1934 Vincent Pizutti
Edwardo Cassinelli Phylis M Renshaw 11th July 1934 Antonio Cassinelli
Kenneth A Cassinelli Elizabeth Jackson 25th July 1959 Edwardo Cassinelli
Baptise Carboni Maria Cuneo 8th January 1871 Ballestace Carboni Indeco Cuneo
John Cuneo Elizabeth A Jackson Andreas Cuneo
Angelo Cerrone Pasqua Rosa
Joseph Cassinelli Florence Jeffrey 26th December 1906 Antonio Cassinelli John Henry Jeffrey
John A Cassinelli Emma Ibbotson Antonio Cassinelli
John Cassinelli Elizabeth Baxter Giovanni Cassinelli
Achille Cairo Theresa Mercantonio 28th February 1903 Pascalli Cairo Pietri Mercantonio
Augusto Calase Genovina Paggiossi September 1919
Jesse Carolis Rosa Sturla 1st November 1905 Giovanni Sturla
Nicandro Cocozza Dominca Scaramuzza
John Carboni Annie McArthur John Carboni
Angelo Carboni Annie Grey 10th September 1908 John Baptiste Carboni
Augustino Carboni Rosa Anjus 4th July 1915 John Baptiste Carboni
Nicolas Cuneo Rose Allen Louis Cuneo
Lewis Cuneo Gladys Hampshire Nicolas Cuneo
Nicolas Cuneo Hilda K Oakley Louis Cuneo
George Cuneo Dorathy M Holmes 5th December 1934 John Cuneo William Holmes
Francisco Cuneo Maria Walker 24th December 1938 John Cuneo
John Carboni Catherine Traynor 3rd April 1907 John Baptiste Carboni Stephen Traynor
Charles H Cassinelli Evelyn Machin Giovanni Cassinelli
John Cassinelli Eunice Jones Giovanni Cassinelli
Micheal A Cassinelli Ann McCuskey 21st April 1884 Antonio Cassinelli John McCuskey
Thomas Cassinelli Mary Leigh Angelo Cassinelli
Louis Cassinelli Lotte Russeling Antonio Cassinelli
Louis Cassinelli Florence Sargentio 23rd September 1898 Antonio Cassinelli Ricardo Sargentio
Michele Cimorelli Antonia Spina 29th July 1883 Francisco Cimorelli Vitterio Spina
Antonio Cassinelli Elizabeth Williams 9th July 1854 Joseph Cassinelli Adam Williams
Louis Cuneo Columbia Rocca
Andreas Cuneo Maria Garibaldi Carlo Maria Cuneo
Isadore Cafolla Louisa Fantozzi 28th August 1908 Francisco Cafolla Francisco Fantozzi
Antonio Calabrarese Philomina Franchetti 4th December 1890 Nicandro Calabrarese Geloramo Franchetti
Antonio Cimorelli Pasquarosa Belardo
Giovanni Cimorelli Alice Padley 19th September 1906 Mark Padley
Luigi Costa Maria Cassinelli Antonio Cassinelli
Antonio Cassinelli Angela Spinetti
John W Craven Teresa Jessamino Stefan Jessamino
Joseph Cannetti Lydia Auger 1932